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African Basketball Camp, Inc.

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African Basketball Camp, Inc.

Project Basketball Court - February 4, 2022  We are excited! Construction has been underway at the Ovim Technical School in Nigeria for the Nduaka Basketball Court.

For up to date photos and videos of the construction of the Nduaka Basketball Court; follow us on Instagram

Gift Basket given to Ovim Technical School - November 2021 Hoopz to Greatness donated a gift basket to Ovim Technical School, the location of our upcoming basketball court. The basket included basketballs, school supplies and pandemic essentials for the school. A planning conference meeting was done as well. At Hoopz to Greatness we believe in buikding relationships first and foremost. Thanks to our representatives, Ike and Jeremiah for their work!

Project Basketball Court - June 1, 2021 Hoopz to Greatness has announced the construction of a new basketball court.  The new, full-sized basketball court will located at the Ovim Secondary Technical School in Abia State, Nigeria.  Ground-breaking will begin in mid-June.  The basketball will house the Ovim S. T. School basketball camps for future camps. The new basketball camp is sponsored by Chijioke Obinna and Bayyinah Nduaka.

May 28, 2021 - Lohem School, Ghana. Our Ghana Coordinator in Ghana, Martin, traveled to the Lohem School to present the final portion of scholarship to our 2020/2021 Hoopz to Greatness Scholarship recipients and their families! Thanks to Martin for his continued work.

January 28, 2021 Scholarship Recipient Ceremony.  Hoopz to Greatness recognized it's 2020/2021 scholarship recipients! Although there was a delay due to covid, we are happy to finally host the ceremony! Hoopz to Greatness awarded two outstanding students with an academic scholarship (along with a basketball and a certificate). Congrats to the winners! Thanks to individual and corporate donations. Special thanks to Martin T. for his continued work in Ghana!

September 12, 2020 - On Saturday, September, 12, Hauwa G. Halilu went to Hope for Survival Orphanage in Abuja, Nigeria for our charity event. Hoopz to Greatness is excited to announce our first charity event in Nigeria was a success! We will be donated essential items, masks, water, food and a basketball. Our efforts helped 60 children.

September 20, 2020 - 2020-2021 SCHOLARSHIP AWARDS, Hoopz to Greatness announce the winners of our 2020-2021 scholarship!  Benedicta Agberty and Bukari Mohammed!  Each scholarship recipient will recieve a scholarship to cover tuition, school supplies and a basketball kit equipped with a basketball, basketball uniform, basketball shoes. Congratulations!!

Bukari Mohammed scholarship 2nd place winner, with Martins, Ghana Regional Coordinator

Benedicta Agbertey, scholarship winner with Martins, Ghana Regional Coodinator

Project Africa - May 2, 2020 Hoopz to Greatness hosted an emergency event to drop off COVID-19 pandemic essential items. Hoopz to Greatness was able to help 80 children with masks, sanitizers and essentials. Under the organising of our Regional Coordinator in Ghana, the day consisted of a training on how to properly use hand sanitizer and hand-washing, face mask demonstrations and a basketball session.  The kids have really grown a love for the game of basketball.

The event took place at our adopted school Lohem School in Asutsuare, Ghana, which is 40 minutes outside of the capital city Accra.  Social distancing rules were followed and we were able to keep the in-person group small to help prevent possible spread.  The remainder items will be passed to students the week of the event. 

Martin Tawiah demonstrate the importance of masks and handsanitizer

April 15-20, 2020 Sanitizer Drive

April 15-20, 2020 - Hoopz to Greatness will be hosting a covid-19 drive to collect essential items for covid-19. masks, hand sanitizer and more.  Please contact Chijioke Nduaka at 202-696-2111.

1st Event in Africa! Lohem School Basketball Camp - 10/25/2019

Central Region, Ghana - Founder & President teaches the children the fundamentals of basketball

Mr. Chijioke and the principal of Lohem School

Nursery children had an amazing time

Children enjoying ice tea, compliments of Wawa Foundation

Adam Kyiren School - October 29, 2019

Children enjoying their new love of basketballs donated by Hoopz to Greatness

Adam-Kyiren Basic School Basketball Camp 10/28/2019

School supplies donated to school children.

Hoopz To Greatness Donates Lawn Mower

After a series of snake incidents, the school accepts a new lawn mower

Soft Launch Basketball Camp 6/29/2019

Greenbelt, MD

Education is important to Hoopz to Greatness

Basketball Training in session